Best remedies for pimples and acne

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PImples and Acne

Oily skin brings with it a lot of problems. And pimples are one of them. When the dirt particles settle down in the pores then it cause to occur pimple. As oily skin attracts more dirt, pimples occur more. They are sometimes painful and also make you feel embarrassed because of their weird appearance. It also tends to take your freedom away as you hide yourself from parties and other gatherings. Now it’s time to enjoy and have fun rather to avoid your social networking. Here are some of the easy and effective homemade recipes for you to get rid of pimples and acne problems.

Ice_treatmentIce treatment: The simplest way of treating pimples and acne is ice. Take two cubes of ice and wrap it in a clean piece of cloth. Put that cloth ice on your pimple for few seconds and remove. Wait for few seconds and again put it on the pimple. Keeping it for two or three seconds on pimple then remove. Repeat this for almost ten times. This will help you to solve the problem of pimple.

ToothpasteToothpaste: This is another easiest method you can ever apply on pimples. Take pie size toothpaste on your finger tip and apply it on the pimple. Leave it overnight and if not possible, leave it for at least 30 minutes. Wash it with normal water. If possible apply this after ice treatment. Use only white toothpaste rather gel one.

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Steam_on_faceSteam: Steaming is a beat solution for many of our skin problems especially for pimples. This helps in removing dirt and reducing oil. Take a big container full of hot water. Keep your face above this container and cover your face with towel. Let your face be in contact with the steam of hot water for five to ten minutes. You can take a break after every two to three minutes of steaming. At last, wash your face with luke warm water. Pat dry and apply moisturizer with low oil.

honeyHoney: It is also one of the best cleaning agents. There are different ways of using honey. You can directly apply honey onto your pimples, with the help of clean cotton. Make sure wash your face with luke warm water before and after applying honey. Further, you can make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder and apply on affected areas. Leave the mask for at least 30 minutes.

pimples and acneLemon juice: This is also one of the good and easy homemade treatments for acne and pimple. Simple way of using lemon for pimple is to apply pure lemon juice with the help of cotton. Apply it on the pimples and leave for not less than 30 minutes. Then rinse. For more stubborn pimples, you can add a pinch or two of cinnamon powder in lemon juice and apply the paste on the pimples. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water.

pimples and acnePapaya mask: Papaya is a good option for pimples and acne. You just need a fresh papaya. Take papaya in a bowl and mash its pulp to make a paste of it which can be applied. Apply it on pimples and leave it for almost 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. make sure to wash hands before mashing papaya.

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