Homemade Beauty Treatments for Brides

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If you are a upcoming bride and you have less time to prepare your skin and face then you are at a right place. It is clear from the title that this section is for upcoming brides. We will discuss how to take care of your skin while preparing for your marriage. These are the best homemade bridal tips.

Here are some of the bridal tips for those brides who just want to look awesome and have a glowing skin on the best ocassion of life.  If you have three to six months (or less) left for the marriage make a habit of the following beauty tips and get a perfect skin for marriage.

Basic care – For a beautiful skin you need to do some basic treatments for your skin daily. This includes cleaning,  toning and moisturizing. Use a cleansing milk to clean your face specially at night after a hectic schedule of shopping and all. Use a good quality of toner or you can also use homemade skin toner for toning. Check for homemade skin toner for oily skin or skin toner for dry skin.

After all this, the important point to be kept in mind is to protect your skin from sun tan. And if you are suffering from skin tan then mash a tomato and apply it on the effected area.  It will work as a natural bleach And gives your skin a normal complexion.

Homemade scrub – For a glowing skin you need a goid scrub.  Coarse grind white moong dal.  Wet your face a little and apply around one teaspoon of moong dal and scrub gently. You can store this scrub in a jar for long time. Make sure the dal is not grinded too much to make a powder form.  This will work as a natural exfoliating agent for your skin. If you own dry skin then use it once a week and for the oily skin holders it can be use twice or thrice a week.

Homemade face mask – For the best results a papaya face mask is a good option.  Mash a papaya and apply it on the complete face.  Leave it for ten minutes. Papaya is good for skin. It helps removing dead cells and gives a glowing and soft skin. Apply this face mask once in a week. The best thung about this mask is that it suits to every type of skin. Whether dry or oily.

Homemade skin juice – After all above skin care tips here is a simple homemade recipe which you need to intake every single day. This recipe is made up of very easily available ingredients at home. Add this juice to tour daily diet with breakfast. To make this you need half beatroot, one tomato or amla, One carrot, four to five leaves each of spinach, coriander and mint (pudina). Mash it in a grinder add half a glass of water. And tour juice is ready. Need not to drain the juice have it with the pulp only. This juice is rich in fibre, antioxidents and other essential elements good for skin. This will clean the inner impurities of body which displays on our skin. This will also ensure a good volume and shinny hair.

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