Comment policy


This is a site based on our life style as the name resembles in this we are providing a comment option to our viewers who will read our post. But there are certain conditions and rules which they need to follow while commenting. It is important to avoid wrong and bad comments and smooth working of our site.

It is also needed to mention here that if your comment is not as per our policy and if there are any comments not suitable for our site then it may be deleted. Besides, if repetitions of the same act occur than you will be blocked from our site in which your Domain name, email address and IP address will be completely blocked and you will not be allowed to comment further.

Rules and policies

Real identity: This means in the comment field you need to mention your correct name and not the name of your site or any other word. If so, you will be treated as a spammer or fake identity person.

Correct email: In the comment form you need to compulsorily mention your email id. So make sure to use a correct and your own mail as it may ask for confirmation. And also it may be required by the site owner to contact you for any issues relating to your comment. We assure you that we will not share your email with anyone else.

Personal comments not allowed: you are only allowed to make comment relating to the post. Make personal comments to any other viewer will not be entertained.

Language: you can use Hindi, English or mixture of both for writing the comment. But using of slang and abusive language is not allowed.

About post: while commenting on any post you need to take care that your comment should be related to post and it should contain something about the post. Useless comments will not be displayed and will be deleted.

All rights reserved: This means the owner of the site has a complete control over your comments. All the comments are reviewed first and only the comments which are approved by the owner are displayed. We can modify, delete, move or declare spam to any comment if we think that it is not good for our site or related to the post.

No promotions: This means that if your are commenting only to promote your site or blog by adding the link or anything then it will not be allowed. You need to comment relating to post only and add the links only if required and is related with the post. You may add link if it is needed to provide some important information about the post.

Creating back links: you are allowed to create back links but only when it is required. Unnecessarily adding your links for marketing purpose is not allowed. And also if the link shared by you is not real and is fake then also your comment may b edited or deleted.

So friend follow these easy rules for commenting and create a clean and clear communicating channel with us. Let us all maintain a good and helpful relationship between us as to avoid chaos and confusion. You are also requested to do so for smooth and proper functioning of the site to help you more and more.