Easy Bread Halwa Recipe

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Indian cuisine is incomplete without sweets or deserts.  The most attractive part of indian food is the variety of sweet available here. Out of the vast variety of sweets made here one of the preferred sweet is bread halwa.

This is one of the easy and less time consuming recipe. So if you suddenly got to know that so many guests are about to come and you are not prepared with the sweet section.  So here is a good option for you.

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 The other best thing about this recipe is that you need not to go the market for collecting ingredients.  All the ingredients are easily available at home all the time.  So lets start with the ingredients part followed by the easy recipe.

Ingredients required:

Bread- 5 to 7 slices (cut or broken into pieces)

Milk- 3 cups

Sugar- half (1/2) cup

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Ghee- 3 to 4 table spoon

Dry fruits(cashew and almonds)- 10 to 12 chopped

Cardamom- 1 or 2 (peel and finely crushed)


For bread halwa you can use any kind of bread available with you.  Whether it is maida bread or wheat bread. You can also use multigrain bread.   Each kind of bread has its own taste and flavour.  Cutting the bread edegs is a optional step.  You can also use leftover bread crumps.

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 Heat a spoon of ghee in a pan and add the bread pieces. Let the bread roasted properly until it turs little brown.  Roast it on a low flame and stir continuously.  After this add milk and sugar to it.  Press the mixture properly and continuously with a ladle to make it halwa.  Again add ghee (if required), crushed dry fruit (after saving some quantity for garnishing) and cardamom powder. Stir the halwa properly and put down from flame.  Garnish it with a spoon of ghee and left dry fruits.  Hot and tasty bread halwa is ready to be served.

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