Easy Night Care Routine

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After a long day of work and hectic schedule we get tired. In the same way our skin also gets tired of stress and pollution that we face during our busy routine. We take rest every night by sleeping in the same way we need to give rest to our skin also. Here we are sharing with you an easy night care routine for your skin so that you wake up with a flawless and glowing skin.

It completely depends on our night skin care routine that how our skin will look in the morning. So follow these points and see the difference within one month.
easy-night-care-routineRemoving Make-up: The very first step in your night routine should be removing the make-up from your face. Even if you do not carry any heavy make-up this step plays an important role. For removing the make-up you can use any kind of make-up removal suiting to your skin type. Although there are a lot of make-up removal creme or wipes available in the market, but I always prefer a homemade make-up removal. Massage your face gently with the make-up removal you chosen. Take a cotton ball and clean your face with it. Don’t rub cotton ball harshly as it may cause redness and rashes. Rinse with normal water.

Cleaning: After removing make-up, now come the turn of your favorite cleanser to work best for your skin. Use your face wash and wash your face thoroughly with it. There may be some impurities left onto your face which the make-up removal creme or wipes may not clean. So this makes the step important. Use a face wash with which your skin is comfortable.

Exfoliate: After cleaning the face now you need to exfoliate your skin. The basic thing we need to remember is that this step is not to be done on daily basis. Do this once in a week or fortnight. Take scrub, wet your face and massage gently onto the complete face in a circular motion. Do this for not more than five minutes. Rinse with normal water and pat dry. You can use a homemade scrub as I always use.

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Toning: After the face skin pores has open this is the right time to apply a good toner, because at this time whatever you will apply to the face will directly be absorbed by skin. So choose a very good toner that suits to your skin. Dampen a cotton ball with toner, and wipe it across your face. As I always say that I prefer homemade products, so if you wish to do the same then click on below link for a good homemade toner.

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Moisturizing: Apply a good moisturizer as per the requirement of your skin, as this will work for the whole night onto your skin. Try not to use any sticky moisturizer.

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Under eye cream: For those who are suffering from dark circles because of their hectic schedule and lack of rest, this is an important step for them. Apply a good under eye cream at night and let it work for the whole night. Under eye skin is so soft and delicate so choose a product very carefully. And again the same thing I always repeat is to use homemade or natural products. So for the help, click on below mentioned link.

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Natural agent for removing dark circles.

Lip care: Most of us must not know about the fact that, lip of our skin is even more sensitive than our face skin. Apply a lip balm of your favorite flavor or the effective one which will suit to your lips. Use a balm which will work as a moisturizer as well as a lightening agent.

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Hair care: Now comes the turn of our hair to look more beautiful in the morning. Don’t let your hair open at night while sleeping. Tie it up and make a high bun or plead it with little loose knots as compared to the usual one. Don’t tie it too hard as it make increase the chance of breakage and damaged hair. Try to us a silk pillow cover or keep a silk scarf between your head and pillow, it will decrease the friction and will help to provide proper rest to hair and skin as well.

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