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Hello friends, hopefully you all know that what our site, alwaystylish all about is. And if you want to know more about our site you may check on this page. We have made this site to help you all in life, as the name resembles, for styling your life. We have shared our experience relating to our health and personality issues. If you too have some ideas or knowledge in our related fields and want to help others by sharing it, so you can share it with us. We will publish your valuable post in our website, so that readers may read it and use it in their daily life issues.

Important points to be taken care while writing post

You should have complete knowledge about the topic which you have selected. As your post may be published on our website and people may use that idea, so they might have some query regarding that.

The topic you have selected should be useful for people.

The information you want to share should be correct and true. And option, if any, of the ingredients to be used, should also be shared.

For better support of all, if there are any precautions to be taken care before applying the idea that may also be shared. Any side effects for any skin type or anything else are also welcomed.

Post may be in English, Hindi or in mixed language, as per your preference.

Post should not be copied from anywhere. It should be your own idea. And also it should be taken care that the post should not be published in any other site.

Characteristics or requirements of post

The post should have at least 300 words. You can use as many words as you can but not less than 300. Images can also be used in the post, if required.

You are allowed to use a back link but the link you are using should not be invalid and the site which you are promoting should not be fake. You can add your own site or blog link.

Post should be readable and understandable. That means easy words and small sentences are preferred.

Benefits for posting in our site

Now the question may arise in your mind that why you should post in our site? What will be your benefit?

The main benefit is that if you have your own site or blog than you will get a space to promote your site or blog by providing a back link of your site, in the post. This will help to generate traffic on your site and increase its rank.

Your name will be added in the post, if you want, and if you are new to internet field than this will be starting point to your net career. Your name will get familiar among reading audience.

Topics on which post should be written

Beauty and grooming: We are providing different homemade recipes for skin and face, hair issues, nail art and other related topics. We also include certain fashion and makeup related topics.

Health: All the topics relating to health issued will be published.

Rangoli designs: As the name resembles we will post information about different rangoli types and rangoli designs, which will be helpful in making rangoli.

Mehandi: In this section different mehandi designs and types will be shared, to be drawn on hands and legs on special occasion.

Home decor: in this section we will post information relating to home designs and interiors to decorate your house.

Food and cuisine: Different food recipes, veg or non-veg from different corner of state will be posted.

How to send post

For sending your valuable information and ideas to us for posting, you can send a text file or word page by through mail on our mail id

[email protected]

Information to be sent with mail:

The post, may be written in mail or via attachment

Your name and permission for publishing your name.

Your contact detail for further easy and faster communication.