Recipe of Rice Kheer

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Chawal kheer or rice kheer is one of the common and famous sweet dish made and eaten in our country.  This is a recipe which can be made on any occasion and also can be served as a desert after meals to guests or even to family members.

There can be different ways of preparing this kheer but we will discuss the most easy and less time-consuming recipe.  This can be treated as an all time favourite recipe and also it is liked by all age group members.

This is a common recipe but you can make variations as per tour taste and need.  In the same way the ingredients and it quantity can also be modified as per requirement.  So lets start with the recipe discussion.


Rice – one cup

Milk – half litre full fat organic

Sugar – one cup or as required

Ghee – two table-spoon

Crushed coconut(khopra) – 2 tablespoon

Clove(lavng)- one

Almond (badam) – 5 to 7 (cut into small pieces)

Cashew (kaju) – 5 to 7 (cut into small pieces)

Raisins (kismis) – 10 to 12 (washed)

Cardamom – 3 (peeled)

Saffron – 5-6 strands (optional)

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Rinse rice properly and soak it in water for almost 30 minutes. Meanwhile take milk add sugar to it and let it boil. Sugar can be added as per your requirement. Keep it aside.

Let the rice soaked that means until the rice are completely white in color. Then drain water from it. Take other pan heat ghee in it .Add cardamom and cloves in it and let it crackle for few seconds. Add the drained rice in it and stir it in low flame for few minutes say one or two minutes.  Take care so that rice may not turn black or brown in color.

After this add a little of water as required to cook rice. After half the rice is cooked add the sugar and milk mixture. Boil it again. Check timely and if the rice is 3/4 done add crushed dry fruits, khopra, chirongi and saffron strands. Cook till rice is completely cooked.

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Note: If needed pistachaeo (pista) can also be included in dry fruits.

If rice can not be soaked due to any reason than wash the rice and use a little more water to cook it. Simmer the gas and cover it with a lid.

Dont add too much of water as it should be of thick consistency.

After cooking it can be kept in refrigerator for cooling and then eating the cool kheer sounds so tasty.

Saffron, khopra and chirongi is optional to add.  All these ingredients increases the taste but if you want to skip any of the ingredient than also its ok.

If you want cardamom powder can also be used instead of sabut cardamom. But add it with dryfruits, not with the clove.

Now you are ready with kheer to be served hot or cold as per your choice. So enjoy the same. Do not forget to share your views and ideas and also the queries (if any) relating to the recipes so to imrove our services for the next time.

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