Rose Water: Easy Homemade Recipe

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Rose Water: Easy Homemade Recipe

Rose water is an all-purpose ingredient, which means there are a lot of rose water uses and rose water benefits for our skin. We can use it many ways for benefit of our skin as in, rosewater toner. If you are searching rose water as a toner than you are at a right place. This recipe can be used as a rosewater spray. Although it is easily available in the market, but I always prefer using homemade rose water. In this post I am going to share with you the natural rose water recipe at home.

Before starting, read the notes mentioned below carefully. Initializing with the ingredients required for the natural rose water made by your own.

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rose waterRose petals: The first and foremost important ingredient in preparing your own rose water is rose petals. For this we need red roses, but make sure the roses you use should be desi one. We need not to use rose which are grown with the use of chemicals. Prefer the roses which you pluck by your own, maybe from your garden. We can also use combination of roses like red, pink and white, if it is available for you. But again we should keep in mind that the roses should be chemical free. For more assistance, look at the picture below.
Water: The next important ingredient is water, which is a very simple and easy available ingredient.
rose waterLiquorice root (Mulethi): After all the health benefits of this ingredient, it is beneficial for our skin also. This is a thing which is good for sensitive skin. A compound called glabridin is present in liquorice which is an active and protective agent for skin. It contains anti-bacterial compound which protects from acne and pimples. It may be optional to add.

Glycerine: It is also an optional ingredient. It is added because sometimes rose water causes dryness. So glycerine will give a little moisture to the skin.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C tablets contain ascorbic acid in it which is beneficial for skin. Use Celin 500mg tablets. It is easily available in any medical stores.

Let’s start with the procedure now.

1. Take 200ml of water and boil it in a pan.
2. Remove the pan from heat.
3. Add one small bowl or 5 to 6 rose petals in the boiled hot water and cover it with lid for 5 minutes.
4. Now take one small piece of mulethi and break it into small pieces with a piece of weight. Make sure not to convert it in powder form. And add it to the hot water.
5. Keep it aside for almost 15 minutes and let the water cool down.
6. After cooling drain the water in a glass or plastic bowl. Don’t use steel container as we need to add ascorbic acid in it which may react with metals.
7. Add half a tablet of vitamin C (celin 500mg tablet), as it contains sour acid which may react if over used.
8. Add few drops of glycerin in it. It is completely optional. Don’t use if your skin is very oily.
We may also use dried rose petals which are stored in refrigerated for further use.
Use celin white tablets only. You can also use ascorbic acid instead of celin tablet. Don’t use more than 250-300mg tablet, if you have sensitive skin. It may cause redness and infection.

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